Sunday School

Sunday School Children

Every Sunday, during term time, we hold a Sunday School. In our Sunday School children learn the basic themes and concepts of the Bible. The children learn in a structured way each week, building each year on their knowledge, so after a few years they can gain a considerable understanding of the Bible (both Old and New Testaments). We believe that Bible teachings can give children a positive set of values, a sense of purpose in life and respect for other people, the world we live in and God.

Our teachers are a mix of ages, have years of experience and some are professional teachers. All classes are designed to be interesting and interactive and at times we enjoy singing, craft activities, sports, drama, outings and more. Children aged between 6 to 14 years are welcome and can join any time.

The Sunday School starts as 10.30am and concludes at 11.30am on every Sunday during term time. Please visit the Ask a Question page if you would like further information.