Welcome to Sheffield Christadelphians


Welcome to the website of the Sheffield Christadelphians. We meet regularly in Sheffield to worship God together, read the Bible and share God's good news with others.

There's lots of information here about who we are, where and when we meet, as well as details of the numerous events that take place. Take a look around, we are sure that you will find something of interest.

Being a Christian community we are focused on the development of our relationship with God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. We accept the Bible as God's inspired message and endeavour to use its powerful lessons to guide our lives.

Life Changinglife changing moments - man against sunset

Believing in God and accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour are life changing events, like no other. It doesn't mean that life will always be kind to us and that we won't have troubles like anybody else. However, a faith in God turns all our priorities on their head.

Finding out about what God is offering us, and also what he wants from us, is an amazing adventure and if you are new to exploring the Bible you will be surprised at its message.

Join the Adventurewoman with backpack

If you want to join the greatest adventure that we can experience then the first thing to do is start reading the Bible. We can help you with this, however, please read it for yourself and absorb God's word. Our relationship with God is a very personal one and we all approach this isĀ  different ways. However, having made a start then with a bit of effort on your part, and a bit of help along the way, by accepting God's message then life will never be the same.

Making a start is the most important step. Hopefully this site and the activities we provide will help you in journey.

We would love to discuss these things with you so please get in touch or come along and see us.