About Us

About the Christadelphians

The Christadelphians are a worldwide community of Bible believers established in the middle of the 19th  century. Our name means “Brothers and Sisters in Christ”. Christadelphians all over the world are bound together by our common faith in the gospel preached by Christ and his apostles in the first century. We can trace groups with similar beliefs back through history. We are organized into local groups known as  "ecclesias" (from a Greek word that is often translated as "church"). The work of an ecclesia - from organizing and leading worship to cleaning the venue - is done by volunteers; there is no paid clergy and no central authority other than the Bible.

The Christadelphian faith rests squarely and solely on the Bible as the inspired Word of God. We try to read from it every day, and we allow the teachings within it to govern our lives.

Basing our beliefs firmly on the whole Bible, we believe that God wants everyone to:

  • understand his plan and purpose for the earth.
  • believe that Jesus was his son whom he sent to give us a hope of everlasting life.
  • change our priorities in life from following the desires of own sinful natures, through which we are all going to die, to following God.
  • be baptised when we appreciate the commitment that we are making, and then try to live our lives in the way that God asks, as best we can.

Why do we try to tell other people about our beliefs?

Jesus told his disciples to tell everyone about him and the gospel – “good news” – of God's coming kingdom on the Earth, and the way all of us can be part of it. As his followers today, we believe that this is our responsibility now.

The Sheffield Christadelphians

The Christadelphians in Sheffield meet in our hall on Cemetery Road, Sheffield, England. The ecclesia has around 50 members of all ages and from many different backgrounds. We often enjoy the company of students from the city's two universities. We come together regularly to worship God, to bear witness to the gospel, and to study the Bible.

A brief history of the Christadelphians in Sheffield

B/w photo of old lady in coat and hat
Mary Savage
B/W photo of Victorian men in a field
Members in the 1870s

There have been Christadelphians in Sheffield since 1860. The first small group met in the home of a Mary Savage, who also acted as the group’s secretary, or "Recorder".

Later, a room was hired at Carbrook, and some of the members used to walk there from central Sheffield every Sunday. At least one of the gentlemen in the picture still has descendants who are members of the Sheffield Christadelphians today.

A Wednesday evening study class was started in 1872, and today we still hold our Bible Class on Wednesday evenings.

Photo of present-day Devonshire hall
Devonshire Hall in 2014

Over the years as the ecclesia grew, we moved several times. In the early 20th century the Christadelphians in Sheffield were based at Devonshire Hall, on Devonshire Green. That building can still be seen today, now in use as shops and flats.

Old building
Rockingham Street hall

From 1922 to 1965 the Sheffield Christadelphians had a hall in Rockingham Street. The building dated back to the 1830s, and many years before it had been used for a lecture by Robert Roberts, one of the early leaders of the Christadelphian movement!  Rockingham Street was demolished in 1965 as part of the modernisation of the city centre, and after a couple of years at an old school in Broad Lane we moved to our present Cemetery Road hall in 1967.