Welcome to Sheffield Christadelphians

Welcome to the website of the Sheffield Christadelphians. We meet regularly in Sheffield to worship God together, read the Bible and share God's good news with others.

There's lots of information here about who we are, where and when we meet, as well as details of the numerous events that take place. Take a look around, we are sure that you will find something of interest.

What's in a Name

The Name

The name 'Christadelphian' may be unfamiliar, or even confusing if you have never come across it before. It is formed from Greek words chosen to suggest the meaningĀ  'brothers in Christ'.

So you may ask, why choose this name for the church? Well, when we look at the New Testament we find that Jesus often called his followers his brothers; also the Apostles writing to the new churches shortly after the death of Jesus often addressed their letters to 'the brothers'.

Start Reading - Start Growing

A Very Special Book

Overlooked by many, but loved and cherished by others, the Bible is a book that all too often gets left on the bookshelf, or doesn't even appear on the bookshelf. However, for those that wish to learn about the creator of this planet it is the place that we must turn.

Reading the Bible can be be hard for the newcomer to get to grips with. But, with a little patience and some gentle guidance along the way, you will quickly become aware of how special the Bible is.

Limited Services

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, most services at our hall are suspended until further notice. From 6th December we hope to resume a Sunday morning service for members who wish to participate in our Zoom service from the hall.

Please use the 'Get in Touch' page to contact us if you would like details of our online services and Bible study classes.